Costs of an Apartment

If you are looking for an apartment the most imortant question is: How much can the apartment cost? If the rent gets paid by the jobcenter there is an upper limit. You will find the number under fanacial aid – Finanzielle Hilfen.

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Fixed costs

These costs always have to be paid if an apartment is rented.

  • The cold rent (Kaltmiete) is the base price for the apartment. It is mentioned in the leasing contract (Mietvertrag).
  • The additional costs (Nebenkosten) are costs that have to be paid in addition to the base rent. Those include for example: fees for tradh, water, janitor, insurance. They are also mentioned in the leasing contract. They can change if you consume more (for example water) or if the prices change.
  • The heating costs (Heizkosten) are the costs to heat up the apartment. They may be agreed in the lease or you may pay it directly to the supplier. The more you turn on the radiator, the higher the heating costs will be. There are different systems that are fueled by either gas, oil, remote heating or electricity.
  • Electricity (Strom): To get electricity a contract has to be made with an energy supplier.

The rent has to be paid on time at the beginning of each month. If you pay too late, the landlord or landlady can terminate the apartment lease.

further costs

Additional to the monthly costs there will be further costs:

  • The deposit (Kaution) is protection for the landlord or landlady. The deposit can be three times as high as one base rent. It has to be paid upon moving in. When you move out and the apartment is undamaged, the landlord will return the deposit. You can apply for a loan for the deposit at the Jobcenter. You will find further information at financial aid (Finanzielle Hilfen).
  • The Broadcasting fee (Rundfunkbeitrag) has to be paid per apartment. This is a fee for television and radio. Recipients of social benefits can apply for an exemption. You can register here, or apply for an exemption:
  • Liability insurance (Haftpflichtversicherung): Every insurance costs money. You should think about what you really need. Personal liability insurance (Privathaftpflichtversicherung) is very important. This insurance will pay if you have unintentionally caused material damage to another person. You can include damages of glass and damages of the apartment in this insurance. The cost for a family is well below 100 Euro a year.