How to use BAmigra

This is how our website and the app BAmigra works

Contents on this page


You can use BAmigra in many languages. The translations are created and kept up-to-date by us.

With the button in the menu or in the footer (at the bottom of the page), you can select your desired language. If there are no available subpages in your selected language, you will automatically be redirected to the german version of the page. Unfortunately, news and current events can currently not be translated. If you have any questions regarding the content, feel free to contact us.

Offline feature

You can use this website without an Internet connection. Every page that you have already visited will be saved on your phone. The way it works: If you load a website over your smartphone, it is possible to add the application to your homescreen. This way, you can easily and directly access BAmigra. Additionally, every page that you have already visited, will be saved with the according information on your phone. You don’t need an Internet connection if you want to visit the webpage again. This way, you can easily retrieve phone numbers and addresses.


  • Visit BAmigra on your phone
  • The bottom says “add BAmigra to your homescreen”
  • The app now asks you if it should be installed. Select “Installieren/Install”
  • Done! The BAmigra icon is now on your homescreen and you have direct access to it.

Apple iOS

  • Visit BAmigra on your phone
  • Go to the marked button
  • Click on the + icon “Zum Homebildschirm/To homescreen”
  • Select “Hinzufügen/Add” in the upper right corner.
  • Done!

Contacting via WhatsApp

If you want to contact us, you can do so with WhatsApp or by using our contact form. In the lower right corner, you can find the contact information for WhatsApp.

Please keep in mind that we cannot always answer directly to your requests. We are helping voluntarily and we try to answer as soon as possible.

Automatic notification

With the help of the bell icon (lower left corner), you have the option to always stay up-to-date. As soon as new information (such as events or current posts) are available, you will get notified directly. Feel free to deactivate the notifications as you desire.

  • Visit BAmigra on your phone or computer
  • Go to the marked button
  • Click on the button “Jetzt abonnieren/Subscribe now”
  • Accept the system notification
  • Done!