Financial Aid

If your income is low or you earn no money at all, you can apply for all kinds of financial support.

Keep in mind that you won’t receive any support without an application.

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Rent, additional housing costs, heating

If you have a residence permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis), but no job, the Jobcenter will usually pay your rent.

Persons Size Gross net rent* Heating Costs (with gas)
50 m²
416 €
59,21 €
65 m²
515 €
76,97 €
75 m²
584 €
88,81 €
90 m²
713 €
106,58 €
105 m²
838 €
124,34 €
120 m²
964 €
142,10 €

All numbers according to Stadt Bamberg (as of 1.1.2022)

* Gross net rent is “cold rent” (Kaltmiete) with additional housing costs (Nebenkosten), but without the heating costs (Heizkosten).

For the District of Bamberg, these numbers are a bit lower. For details, please ask at the Jobcenter.

If you have no recognition as a refugee (Anerkennung) yet, but a relocation permission (Auszugsgenehmigung), the Office for Social Services (Sozialamt) will take care of you. The numbers there are quite similar to those at the Jobcenter. But please ask directly for any details.

If the apartment costs more than what can be covered, the difference will be on you!

Let your landlord or landlady fill out a rent certification and submit it to the Jobcenter.

In the district of Bamberg, you also need to fill out an application for the Jobcenter.


The deposit (Kaution) is a safety measure for the landlord or landlady. It needs to be payed when moving in, and you usually get it back when moving out. You can apply at the Jobcenter for an interest-free loan. This means that the Jobcenter is lending you the money, which you later have to pay back. The Jobcenter will ask it back from you in monthly rates. The Jobcenter pays the deposit directly to the landlord. In order to apply, just send a short letter to the Jobcenter.

Initial equipment

If you receive support from the Jobcenter or the Sozialamt, you can apply for additional funding to be able to equip your first apartment (Erstausstattung).

You will then receive a fixed amount of money for specific kinds of furniture. You are only allowed to request money for furniture which you don’t already own. The Jobcenter is allowed to check on that!

Moving expenses

If you want to move to another apartment and receive support from the Jobcenter, you need their approval. If you then need to move furniture and don’t have a car, you can apply for the expenses of a rented car. You have to get offers from three different sides and send them to the Jobcenter.

If you need people’s help while moving, you can receive up to € 50 for meals for up to three persons from the Jobcenter.

Housing Benefits

Housing benefits (Wohngeld) are a subsidy for your rent, payed by the Sozialamt. You can apply for it, if your income and that of the members of your household is too low.

Fill out the application. Your landlord or landlady also needs to fill out a residence certification. In addition, your current employer needs to fill out a certification about your income. Deliver all three documents to the Sozialamt at the townhall.

Amt für soziale Angelegenheiten
Promenadestraße 2a
96047 Bamberg
0951 / 87 – 11 84

You can also apply online: