Work & Qualifikation

Besides learning the language, getting a job is also important for an independent life. You have your own money then and do not always have to fill out forms. When you have a work permit, you are obliged to look for work. You need a job to be naturalized.

In Germany there is the General Act on Equal Treatment. (This law prohibits discrimination on grounds of race or ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation.) This also applies to work – all women must have the same opportunities as men.

You can read here about when you are allowed to work, how you can find a job, and why your chances improve with vocational training.

It is easier to find a job if you speak German well.

Work and Vocational Training at Freund statt fremd

Freund statt fremd informs refugees in the City of Bamberg and Bamberg County about opportunities for work and vocational training. Please come during the consultation hours. You will find the dates under "Events".
If you have questions about work, vocational training, and study please write to: