Intercultural Help

There are migrants in Bamberg, who can inform you about health topics in your language. You can visit events, that would explain alot of things in your native language. You can find help, if you need translation in your language during your doctor visit.

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MiMi – Intercultural Health Mediators

MiMi organizes events with lots of different health topics in more than 20 languages. The health mediators will explain alot to you in your native language or in german: Do you want to know, why smoking is unhealthy? Which costs you have to pay yourself at the dentist? How does the health system in Germany work? What can you do for your mental health? Which vaccinations are important? You can find alot of information on this topics and even more in your native language.

MiMi – Site Coordinator
Heinrichsdamm 1
96047 Bamberg

Room: 205
0951 / 87 – 14 46

MiMi – Community Interpreters

This service is offered in the following languages:
Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Italian, Kurdish, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukranian.

The fees are:
25,– euro for one hour; then 12,50 euro for each another half an hour and 5.– euro for the travel costs in Bamberg (plus sales tax, where applicable).

You have to contact your doctor beforehand to make sure, if the costs will be covered or you’ll have to pay it yourself.