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Where can I turn to if I need an interpreter for an appointment? Where can I find someone who will provide me with a certified written translation?

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Interpretation for Appointments

If you have an important appointment, but your German is not good enough, you probably wish to get help from an interpreter or translator. For some appointments it is even required to bring your own interpreter.

Some authorities and institutions have their own interpreters. When you make your appointment, you can ask directly whether an interpreter will be made available free of charge.

If you have to find an interpreter on your own, this will often cost some money. But there are also people who can help you with this, free of charge and on a voluntary basis. Here you can find help for your search:

Blaue Frieda
Schützenstraße 2a
96052 Bamberg
0951 / 2 97 51 22
general counselling hour: Samstag 15:00-17:00 Uhr
additional counseling hours on the website

If you need a sworn interpreter or translator for an official purpose, you can search in the following database. The names and contact details of such people are given there. Just enter the desired language and the location where you are searching:

Translation of Documents

In Germany, official documents such as school, marriage or birth certificates must always be translated by a certified translator. One way to find one is through the mentioned database.

Such a translations are usually quite expensive, so always check first whether you really need a certified translation!

In certain cases a translation can also be paid for by the office requesting it. For this, ask the relevant office beforehand whether the costs can be covered.