Official Contact Points

There are many contact points in Bamberg dealing with different concerns you may have. You will find out here, to which particular authority you can go.

Contents of This Page

Reception Facility

The Anker Facility is the first contact point for asylum seekers in Oberfranken. You will find there all the important authorities in one place: the Government of Oberfranken, the State Office for Asylum and Repatritation, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, the Social Welfare Office, the Health Department, the Administrative Court, the Agency for Labor, and the Police.

Central Immigration Office (ZAB)

You turn to the Immigration Office if you would like to apply for a work permit or training permit.

Either the ZAB or also the Rathaus der Stadt Bamberg or the Landratsamt des Landkreises Bamberg can sponsor you.

Immigration Office

The staff of the Immigration Office are ready to answer all questions related to the immigration law. You will find on their homepage the applications for work permit, residence permit, permanent residence permit, extension of the residence permit, naturalization, and issuing of travel document.


The Coordinating Office Asyl deals with accomodation for the applicants for asylum. Accomodation means: where can I live?

The government of Oberfranken takes over the allocation of the accomodations. It also handels applications for moving out of the accommodation.

The Migrants Advisory Board

The Migrants Advisory Board of the City of Bamberg represents the interests of all residents with migratory background. It considers itself to be a mediator between foreign residents and the City administration.