Recognition of Foreign Professional Qualifications

If you attended a school or vocational training or studied at university in your home country, you should have the relevant certificates recognized in Germany. This way you can find a more skilled job. One can normally earn much more at a skilled job.

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Certificates are very important in Germany for school, study, vocational traing or finding a job. A certificate shows what one has learned and done, and that is very important here.

If you have attended a school, a vocational training or studied at university, it makes sense in many cases that the relevant certificates are recognized in Germany. That means an examination of your certificates will determine what you are qualified to do in Germany. Your qualifications and accomplishments will be put in a German context.

It is possible that you do not have your certificates any longer. In that case you can prove your professional experience and abilities with a test. That is qualification.

Recognition of Vocational or Study Degrees.

The following offices will help you with all questions relating to recognition of vocational or study degrees.

General Advice to Foreign Qualifications

Recognition of Professional Qualifications

Advice about Recognition of Foreign Qualifications

Schoppershofstraße 80
90489 Nürnberg
0911 / 231 – 1 05 52

Advice about Foreign Qualifications

Additional Online Information

A portal of the Federal Government offers online information concerning recognition of qualifications, and the opportunities you may have, as well as about how other people have succeeded in having their professions recognized in Germany.