Parents are Sick - What to Do?

If a parent has been ill for a long period of time, there are various support options available. You can apply for help for the household and children. You can apply for a treatment at a health resort so that you can get well again or if you are overwhelmed and stressed.

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Family Care / Houshold Help

Families with children under the age of 12 are entitled to family care or a domestic help to support the family when parents are seriously ill and there is no other person living in the household who can take over the work. You have to submit a written application to the health insurance company. Your doctor must write a medical certificate stating which help you need, from when and for how long you will need it. The help and support will be approved for a maximum of 4 weeks.

Your health insurance company can send you the addresses of household workers. It is also possible to have someone you know do the housekeeping.

Mother/ Father-(Child) Treatment at a Health Resort

If a parent is exhausted, discouraged, burned out or ill, a cure and treatment at a health resort can help regain balance. You can distance yourself, relax and recover. Those taking part in the recovery and treatment and are employed, will continue receiving money from their work company, if they are obligied to pay their social security contributions.

Among the various support offers there are also special treatments for single parents, which deal specifically with the problems of single-parent families.

If you need a treatment at a health resort, then you have to apply as soon as possible. You can go alone or with your child to the health resort.