Early Diagnosis and Prevention

There are many tests that can be used to detect diseases or disabilities in people at an early stage. They are called (early) screening tests. With these examinations, the disease or health risk can be quickly identified and combated. There are many examinations that are important and are also paid for by the health insurance.

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Overview of Possible Measures

  • Medical examination during a pregnancy
    Diseases of the baby can be detected here before birth. In this way, you can prepare yourself better for a possible illness or disability of your child.

  • Health check-ups for children
    Examinations U1 to U9 are carried out on children from birth to the end of their 6th year. Visit your pediatrician regularly to prevent illnesses.

  • Vaccinations
    Your doctor can provide information about which diseases you and your children can or should be vaccinated against.

  • Dental Care
    If you always go for a dental check-up once a year, the health insurance will pay more if your teeth have to be replaced at an old age.

  • Early Cancer Diagnosis
    With many types of cancer, the chance of a cure is very high if it is detected in time. Women should visit their gynecologist regularly to have the examinations carried out. Prostate cancer examination is also recommended for men over the age of 45. From the age of 35, health insurance also pays for an examination of the skin.

  • Health Check-up
    Ask your doctor about the tests or examinations that can diagnose diabetes, heart problems or kidney disease.

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