Child is Sick - What to Do?

If your child is ill and cannot go to school or daycare because of the illness, you must call the school or daycare center and let them know. You must also inform your employer and the health insurance company if this means you cannot go to work.

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Leave of Absence when Child is Sick

If both parents work, the question arises as to who will look after and take care of the sick child. The person has to clarify certain things with the doctor, the company where the mother/father works and the health insurance company.

Continuation of Payments (Lohnfortzahlung)

Most workers have the right to continue receiving money from work when a child is home sick.

The conditions are:

  • The child is under the age of 12.

  • There are no one else who can take care of the child.

  • A doctor will issue a certificate that you have to stay at home to take care of your child.

Every working parent can stay at home with the child for 10 days a year, i.e. 20 days in total for both parents. If you have more than one child, the total is up to 25 days for one parent and 50 days for both parents. In 2021 and due to the pandemic, this was increased to 30 days for one parent and 60 days for both parents.

Unpaid Leave and Sickness Allowance for Children

If you’re no longer entitled to a paid leave or you have already taken all days off, then you are entitled to an unpaid leave. You can then apply for a sickness allowance for your child with your health insurance company. Therefore, you will need to submit a medical certificate from your doctor with your application to the health insurance company on the first day of illness/sickness. You can submit your application online, as various health insurance companies offer this online. The money will only be paid from the day of the application.

Child in Hospital

If your child needs treatment in the hospital, it is often possible for you as the parent to stay there as well. This will be decided by the hospital. Attention: You must first check with your health insurance company whether the costs for your stay and meals at the hospital will be covered. It depends on the child’s age. The hospital will inform you how much it costs per day.

Children Treatment at a Health Resort

There is an option for your child to go to a treatment health resort for recovery, if your child suffers from a chronic illness or an illness that keeps coming back. This should be discussed with your doctor. It can also be clarified whether a mother/father-child treatment at a health resort is better. In the case of children who do not go to school yet, one parent can accompany them.

Pediatric Nursing/Care

Premature babies, seriously ill, chronically ill, disabled and ventilated children, but also children who need help with the wounds and changing the bandages after an outpatient operation, require special care. Outpatient pediatric nursing can help to ensure that the child does not have to go to the hospital. The nurse will come to your home and help you take care of your child.