Child Care - Kinderbetreuung

If both parents work, they need someone to care of their children. Even if there is someone at home, it is imporant for the children to meet other children, to make friendships and learn from and with them in their community.

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Offers for Children up to 6 Years Old

Day-Care Centers (KiTas)

Children from 0 – 6 can go to the day-care centers (Kita). Little kids up to 3 years old can go to the children’s nursery (Kindergrippe), from 3 years old, kids go to the kindergarten. Here kids can play together. They learn rules, the language and much more. It is an imporant preparation for school.

Nanny/Childminder (Child day-care)

Everything is much smaller here than in the kindergarten. One person takes care of maximum five children at home.

Large Day-Care Centers

There are several childminders and nannies here, who take care of several children together.

Adalbert-Stifter-Straße 1
96050 Bamberg
0951 / 96 43 05 30
0151 / 16 54 03 37
for children under the age of 3

Gutenbergstraße 5C
96050 Bamberg
0951 / 30 12 37 04
Betriebliche Großtagespflegestelle der Mediengruppe Oberfranken und Medatixx

Offers for School Children

All-Day Classes (Ganztagsklassen)

Many schools have offers for either tied or open all-day classes for students. Tied classes (Gebunden) means, that the child has to be at school everyday from 8 am until 4 pm. Open classes (Offen) means, that parents can register their children also for single days. For example, once a week for the whole day. Here you will find all schools that offer all-day classes (Ganztagesangebote):

After-School Care Clubs (Horte)

School children in grades 1 to 4 can visit the after-school clubs (Horte) in the afternoon after their classes/school. Children will be supervised by educational staff. School children can also be taken care of in the afternoon in some day-care centers (KiTa).

Lunchtime Supervision (Mittagsbetreuung)

School children in grades 1 to 4 can be taken care of and looked for in many school or also at day-care centers at lunchtime. You can get information directly from your child’s school or day-care center. Check with your school and day-care center.

More information about lunchtime supervision can be found here: