Inexpensive Shopping

In Bamberg, you can find everything you need without spending much money. You can find the addresses for clothing, furniture and food here.

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Good Things For Free

There are places in Bamberg where you can go shopping without spending any money:

  • In the Kleiderkammer “Jacke wie Hose”, you can find clothing for you and your family. You can also find toys for children here. If you need things for a baby, such as a baby stroller, you also can ask.
  • The Mosaik-Umsonstladen is special. Everyone pays 1€ for a visit. You can take everything there for free. But you are limited to only take as many as you can fit in a bucket, so that there is still plenty for everyone else. Here you can find clothing for adults and children, kitchen equipment, toys, books, CDs and DVDs and much more. The Mosaikladen is not only a store. It is also a meeting point for kind people: Everyone is welcomed!
  • In the Cariboutique, you can find clothing for babies and children and toys for children below their 3rd age after presenting your permission card (available in the consulting point of the Caritas).

Neuerbstraße 18
96052 Bamberg
0951 / 91418935

Please request an appointment.

Theatergassen 9
96047 Bamberg
0951 / 29957 – 50

Opening hours: Tuesday 14 to 16 o’clock, Thursday 10 to 12 o’clock

Please be aware of the different opening hours during the holidays.


Here you can find food in Bamberg for free or for a very little amount of money:

  • The Bamberger Tafel e. V. is distributing food which they get from different companies in town. If you are currently receiving social services, you can get registered in order to get food for your family once a week for free. Inside the store, you also can get a lot of things which can be useful for your everyday life in return for a small donation.
  • In the Josephslädchen of the Caritas, you can shop for food for a very little amount of money. For that, you need a permission ticket. You can acquire that from the consulting point of the Caritas. For that, please bring your proof of income (e.g. unemployment proof) with you.

Second-Hand Shops

Second-Hand shops are shopping places in which you can buy used stuff. This way, you can save a lot of money. There are used clothing, furniture, plates, pots and many more things, which can be bought. Here you can find a few addresses where you can shop in Second-Hand shops in Bamberg:

Pödeldorfer Str. 73
96052 Bamberg
0951/91 78 73 – 42

Clothing for adults, children and babies, furniture, toys, decoration, books and much more

Siechenstraße 69
96052 Bamberg
0951/96 83 03 00

Clothing for adults and children and furniture

Laubanger 9a
96052 Bamberg
0951/91 67 1 – 0

Kitchen devices, dishes, books, decorations and much more

Känguruh e.V.
Heinrich-Weber-Platz 10
96052 Bamberg
0951/40 81 31 7öffungszeiten/

Clothing for adults and for special purposes (e.g. pregnant women), clothing for children and babies, books and toys for children

Here are also meetings for mothers and for childcare.


You can find bicycles once in a while in Second-Hand shops and on ebay-Kleinanzeigen. But it can get much easier: The AK Fahrrad from Freund statt Fremd is helping you to find a suitable bike for you.

Geisfelder Straße 98
96052 Bamberg
0951 / 91418935

Please request an appointment.


You surely already now ebay-Kleinanzeigen? That is a website. It works like an online fleamarket. There, you can create a profile an buy everything that gets offered: clothing, furniture, baby strollers, electronical devices… You also are able to sell things.

  • Watch out for things that need to be shipped or can be picked up directly.

  • When picking up directly: Search for the address beforehand to avoid long (and expensive) rides

  • Be careful with scammers: Check if the seller can be trusted (e.g. check the ratings and other offered products of the seller) and pay via PayPal, which is much safer.

  • High quality photos and a detailed description are important

  • If the product has any malfunctions, you definitely need to mention them in the product description!

  • Watch out for scammers: Ship the product only after receiving the payment.

  • The safest way is the payment via PayPal or a credit card or a direct pickup and payment via cash