Underage Refugees

Who is responsible for unaccompanied minor refugees? In other words, who takes care of people under the age of 18 who fled to Germany without their parents?

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Youth Welfare Office ("Jugendamt")

Underage refugees who are not accompanied by their parents are reported to the “Jugendamt”. After a check whether their age is really under 18, this office takes care of their accommodation and support.

The city of Bamberg and the district (“Landkreis”) of Bamberg each have their own “Jugendamt”. Further information can be found on their websites:

Service for unaccompanied minor refugees
Promenadestraße 2a
96047 Bamberg
0951 / 87 – 15 29

Youth Migration Services ("Jugendmigrationsdienst")

For people aged 12 to 27 who have immigrated to Germany, there are separate counseling centers. They are called “Jugendmigrationsdienst”. There you can find information and support on issues such as school, language acquisition, job training and leisure activities. The focus is on long-term, individual support for people on their educational and professional path:

Information Online

Useful information can also be found in a brochure from the “Federal Association for Unaccompanied Minor Refugees”. It is available in several languages: