Repartriation Program - Rückkehrprogramm

Where do I have to go if I would like to return to my home country voluntarily?

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Repatriation Counselling

If you are thinking about returning to your home country voluntarily, you can get non-binding advice from a repatriation counselling service.

Hausner, Daniela – Dienststelle Bayreuth
For Asylum seekers which are accomodated outside of the city and district of Bamberg and Anker facility Oberfranken.

0921 / 604 – 21 12

Hellauer, Alexander – stellvertretender Sachgebietsleiter
Dienststelle Bamberg, Anker-Einrichtung Oberfranken

0951 / 13294 – 200

Link, Maria – Dienststelle Bamberg

Für Asylbewerber in der AEO und in Stadt und Landkreis Bamberg

0951 / 13294 – 200

Voluntary Repartriation

The State Office for Asylum and Repatriation (Landesamt für Asyl und Rückführungen – LfAR) bundles the organizational tasks for handling voluntary departures.

This includes, in particular, the development, coordination and implementation of return- and reintegration programs as well as the promotion of return counselling, return assistance and reintegration projects

Information Online

You will find further information about repatriation to your home country online: