Family Reunification & Tracing Service

What do I have to do if I would like to bring my relatives to my home in Germany? Or if I myself would like to move to their home in Germany?

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Family Reunification

Family Reunification

It is possible to reunify a family in Germany so that the family can live again together.

If your immigration proceedings are still ongoing, you have no claim to family reunification.

You can apply for family reunification for spouses and underage children only after you have received a positive reply to your asylum application.

You are obliged to apply at the appropriate Immigration Office within 3 months after receiving an affirmative reply. Your family members who would travel to Germany have to apply for a visa at a German consulate in the country where they are presently staying.

Family reunification is also available to people under subsidiary protection but is limited in Germany to a maximum of 1000 persons a month.

The required documents are diverse and depending on the situation can vary widely. You have no legal claim.


  • Earning one’s own livelihood

  • Sufficient living space

  • At least simple German language skills

Family Reunification within Germany

You will be, as an asylum seeker in Germany, assigned to a certain district and will have to live there at least until the conclusion of your immigration proceedings.

Should you want to change the place of residence, for instance because your close relatives live in another district, you have to file a redistribution request at the Immigration Office. However, it is almost never possible to exchange one Federal State for another.

If you have a residence permit, you possibly also have a residence requirement. In that case you have to look for an apartment in the specified community.

If you would like to move to another district in Germany, it has to be permitted by the Immigration Office at the location.

To obtain the permission, you need a proof of employment and an affordable apartment. That means that you have search for work and apartment first. However, you cannot sign the work contract and the apartment lease before getting the permission to move.

Tracing Service

Searching for Relatives with the Help of German Red Cross

The German Red Cross Tracing Sevice supports people who were separated from their families due to armed conflict, catastrophes, escape, expulsion, or migration. It assists with finding relatives, establishing again contact between them, and reuniting families.

Search Online

You can search for your relatives on the internet as well. German Red Cross helps you with that too, and publishes your photograph, if you so wish. The highest level of data security is guaranteed for your protection..