With an internshipyou can gain experience and try out a job. You see, which tasks has to be done in the job and you can get to know the company. You can improve your german skills through contact to you coworkers. An internship is an important point for many companies when they award a job It is very important to always be punctual and do a good job.

You can write in your VC where you already made internships.

Also ask for a certificate (Zeugnis) for your completed internship.

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Search for Internships

In most cases you won’t get paid in your internship. However, there will be a contract so every rights and duties are made clear for everybody.

You can get help with your search at the following places:

Agentur für Arbeit

Stadt Bamberg

There is a list which gives an overview over all vacant internships for refugees on the website of the city of Bamberg.


Online – Internship Market for all students in Bavaria:

Easy acces to vacant apprenticeships or intership positions in over 130 craft professions (Handwerksberufe):

IHK Internship Market: