Sports, Games and Fun

Here you will find a few more addresses that can be useful for spending your free time in Bamberg.

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Sports and fun for everyone

In summer and winter, it’s fun to splash around in the water or swim laps. Here you can find the Bamberg swimming pools.

Do you want to practice a particular sport? On these sites you can choose which sport you want to do and you will be shown where to find the right sports facilities and clubs in Bamberg.

At goolkids all people can do sports together. Here you can find many sports, such as football, basketball and Zumba.

For children and teenagers

Organizations and meeting places

The organizations Stadtjugendring (City)and Kreisjugendring (District) take care of meaningful leisure activities for young people in the city of Bamberg and the district of Bamberg. There are also great offers at iso and ja:ba for sports, crafts, creativity and meeting other young people. Goolkids cares about sports, solidatiry and integration.

Playgrounds in Bamberg

You want to go to a playground with your children? There are enough of them in Bamberg. Click on the link below. On the page you can select the part of Bamberg where you want to find a playground.

Indoor arcades/playgrounds

Are playgrounds with many attractions under one roof. Here you have to pay entrance fee and then you can spend some quality time with your children from 0-16 years.


The Spielmobil is a small bus with great toys, ideas and friendly caretakers, who are every day at a different place in Bamberg and make nice offers for children. On the website you can see where the Spielmobil is at what times. The Spielmobil belongs to the children and youth theater Chapeau Claque.

For people with disabilities

Here you will find suitable and barrier-free offers for people living with a limitation. At Lebenshilfe, for example, there are offers for leisure, further education and culture.