Help with Other Health Inquiries

There is a specified help for the various health problems that people may have. If you have a problem, always reach out and contact someone who can help you. All conversations are confidential. Nobody will know what you talked about there.

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Eating Disorder

If you have a problem with food and your body and you eat either too much or too little for a long time, then it is a big health problem. You can get help from a therapist or in a group. Parents and partners can also get information here.

Addiction – Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Compulsive Shopping

There are many things that people can become addicted to: alcohol, illegal drugs, medication, online addiction, shopping addiction or gambling addiction are examples.

  • When a person is addicted to something, they need that thing again and again.
  • The person can no longer imagine his or her everyday life without it.

  • The person gets nervous when her/she doesn´t have it.

  • Many people only care about their addiction and no longer about their friends or family.

People with an addiction need professional help, which they can get from a number of places. The cause of the problem will be looked for.

Kontakt- und Informationsstelle für Selbsthilfegruppen und Interessierte
Theatergassen 7
96047 Bamberg
0951 / 91 70 09 40

Ludwigstraße 25
96052 Bamberg
0951 / 85 – 6 51
Help with risky alcohol consumption of children and adolescents.


People with HIV, their relatives and partners can get help from the counseling center on how to deal and live with this medical condition. There is information about this medical condition and group offers. Prejudices should be dismantled and people’s living conditions should be improved.

Cancer (Krebs)

If you or a family member is diagnosed with cancer, it is a physical and emotional burden for everyone. There are many questions and everyone needs to learn how to deal with the situation and may need financial support. During the consultation, you will receive a lot of information about treatment options and you can get in touch with other people through self-help groups.

Care and Support

As people age, they often need help caring for them. Here you should apply in order to receive financial support. This is where the health insurance company makes a classification into a degree of care. A renovation in the apartment, funds for nursing aids, short-term care and for caregiving relatives must be checked and approved. This is where counseling centers can help. When people can no longer live alone at home, solutions have to be found. You can find out more about this in the Bamberg Care Portal. You must also apply for financial support for this.

In the care portal you will find various places for personal advice. In addition, you will find all care facilities with their offers and a care place search.

Dementia (Demenz)

As people get older, the number of people with dementia is also increasing. These are people who no longer remember everything and who are forgetting more and more. There are organizations in Bamberg that help affected families.

Healthcenter at the Heinrichsdamm
Heinrichsstraße 6
96047 Bamberg
0951 / 86 80 – 1 69

Amt für Inklusion
Heinrichsdamm 1
96047 Bamberg
0951 / 87 – 14 50

Landratsamt Bamberg – Geschäftsbereich 2
Ludwigstraße 23
96052 Bamberg
0951 / 85 – 4 96

Grief and Death

When a person knows they are going to die, it is a difficult situation for them and their families. Help can be very important with this great psychological burden. Also, if someone dear to you has died, support in processing and dealing with a loss can help you. Then you can register here:

Trauerbegleitung, Trauersprechstunde
Lobenhofferstraße 10
96049 Bamberg
0951 / 95 50 70