How do I get from one place to another?

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On the Road by Bus

In Bamberg there are city buses that stop regularly at bus stops. Anyone can ride the buses. For this you need to buy a ticket. Anyone traveling without a ticket (fare evasion) must pay a fine. There are one-way tickets, day passes, family passes and weekly or annual passes. Tickets are available directly on the bus or at the ticket machine at the ZOB, at the stop “Bahnhof Ludwigstraße” and with the VGN app! When you are on the bus and want to get off, you must press a “stop” button. The bus will then stop at the next stop.

An overview map of where which buses run and further information can be found here: On Google Maps you can see the stops and travel times.

On the Road by Bike

If you live in Bamberg, a bicycle is very practical. You can get everywhere quickly and it’s cheaper than always taking the bus.

You can get a bike from “Freund statt fremd” for a small deposit. It is safe for traffic. If you need help with a repair, you can contact us.

Geisfelder Straße 98
96052 Bamberg
0951 / 91418935

Get in touch and make an appointment.

  • Always drive on the right side of the road.

  • Always drive one behind the other and not side by side.

  • If there is a bike lane, you must ride on it (always only on the right side of the road in the direction of travel), otherwise on the road.

  • Children 11 and under are allowed to ride bicycles on the sidewalk, adults are not.

  • Talking on a cell phone while riding a bicycle is prohibited.

  • Bicycling is prohibited in the pedestrian zone from Monday to Saturday between 10:30 am and 6 pm!

On the Road by Cab

Cabs are safe and will reliably take you wherever you want to go. But cabs cost a lot of money and should only be called when they are urgently needed. Sometimes you need to get to a place urgently, for example to the doctor or to the train station with a lot of luggage. If no friend with a car has time or there is no bus at night, for example, a cab can be the solution.

There are many cab companies in Bamberg. Here are two numbers:

0951 15015

0951 20 80 468