Liability Insurance

What is a liability insurance and why do you need to have one? You can find it out here.

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Liability Insurance (Haftpflichtversicherung)

If you damaged something that belongs to another person unintentionally, you will have to pay for it.

If you have this kind of insurance, then the costs for the damage will be covered by the insurance company.

The liability insurance is a voluntary private insurance and a lot of people in Germany have this kind of insurance.

You can insure one person or the whole family. The insurance costs between 30 € and 100 € per year.

There are different types of insurances. Before having this insurance, you need to ask, which damages are and will be covered.

You damaged another person’s things by mistake, which might be very expensive for you to replace or even to repair.

  • You are responsible of a traffice accident, in which there is an injured person.
  • Your child shoot the football at the neighbour´s window by mistake and it breaks it.
  • You lost your apartment´s key and you need a new cylinder.
  • You are helping someone with moving out of their house and something fells down and breaks.

The liability insurance covers for you and your family the cost of the damage.

You can contact the insurance company you know or you can search on the internet for a liability insurance (Haftpflichtversicherung).
Attention: not every insurance covers all the damages. Please ask Freund statt fremd or check with a consultation center. We can help you find a good liability insurance for you and your family.