Internet and Free Wifi

There are several places in Bamberg where you can access the Internet for free.

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Free WLAN Hotspots in Bamberg

You can use free Internet at these locations in Bamberg:

  • Maxplatz (City Hall Square)

  • ZOB (large bus terminal)

  • Train station

  • Blaue Frieda (Schützenstraße 2a)
  • City library (Obere Königstraße 4a)

Here you will find hotspots for the free BayernWLAN:

WLAN in the Anker Center

There is no internet in the rooms at the Anker center. There is a hotspot where you can use the Internet.

Prepaid or Contract for the Cell Phone

You can sign a contract for your cell phone if you have a residence permit. This permit is necessary for the registration. There are two options:

  • Prepaid card: You can always load this card with a cash amount, for example 10 €. When the cash amount is used up, you can recharge it. This way you can always see how much money you are spending.
  • Contract with a monthly fee: Here you have a fixed monthly base amount that you have to pay in any case, no matter how much you call and access the Internet. The term is usually 24 months. On top of that, there’s often a monthly additional fee when you chose a cell phone at the beginning of your contract. So be careful: Here you have relatively high costs over a long period of time.

Internet Connection at Home

If you have your own apartment, you can can enter into a contract for an Internet connection, for example with the municipal utilities.

100 Mbit are usually enough.