Debt Counseling

Always be careful when signing a contract!

If you are in debt and financially at a loss, take action! There are some institutions where you can get help.

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Caution Regarding Contracts

Anyone who is new to Germany should be particularly careful when concluding contracts. With contracts for telephone, electricity and gas, installment payments, fitness studios, etc., unpleasant debt traps can be hidden in the small print. If you are not careful, buying stuff online can also lead to debt.

If you regularily go into debt, you can also get a bad rating from SCHUFA. This is an organization that collects data about people’s financial situation and passes it on to other parties, e.g. landlords. This may cause difficulties when searching for an apartment, as the owner might fear that you will not be able to pay the rent.

Debt Counselling

If your bank account has fallen below zero and you have no money to pay your bills, you can contact a debt counseling institution (“Schuldnerberatung”). Together with you, they will look for ways to solve your financial problems.

Advice from the following insitutions is confidential and free of charge:

Help with Rental Debt

If you can no longer pay your rent, or if you have already received notice of termination or an eviction notice, you can get help from: